What makes our coffee so good?
Arabic 100%. Arabica produces more fragrant, sweet and smooth coffee, with fresh, fruity and floral notes, with a pleasant and balanced acidity. We only grow arabic coffee.

Highland Coffee
. The altitude has a direct impact on the size, shape and flavor of the coffee you are going to consume. The main reason why the altitude influences the flavor is that a coffee that grows at a high altitude and is well cared for will produce a cup with greater acidity, it will be more aromatic and tasty. Our cofee is grown at 1200 mt, what means highland coffee.

Sun Dried. The main goal during coffee drying is to prevent the proliferation of micro organisms and the enzymatic activity that can deteriorate the grain during storage. Sun drying is an environmentally friendly method that slowly and gently lowers the humidity percentage from 60 to 12%, which guarantees the preservation of the coffee bean quality.

Specialty Coffee. The concept is simple: special geographic microclimates produce beans with unique flavor profiles, which is referred to a ‘specialty coffees.’

Artisan Process
. Artisan coffee proces involves hand picking, solar drying, meticulous selection, careful roasting and all this at origin. This way we assure our customers the most delicious premium coffee.

Fresh Roast. In the Coffee'N Jungle company small batches of coffee are roasted every week so you can be sure that the product you receive directly from our hands will be the freshest and most delicious coffee of Monteverde.

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