Junior Ramírez

Junior, our coffee expert, knows perfectly the whole process of this precious bean from the sowing of plants through the roasted of seeds to the preparation of an excellent cappuccino.

In fact, Junior is an experienced farmer since by tradition his family has always owned coffee plantations in the high mountains of the Cordillera de Tilarán.

So we are happy that Junior can share his knowledge of the most important and interesting aspects of coffee production with visitors

Orlando Morún

Orlando Morún is an experienced naturalist guide and is responsible for leading the trek in the forest.

He studied Ecotourism  at the University of Costa Rica and has been a naturalist guide in Monteverde for over 12 years. Orlando enjoys walking in the woods at night so it has worked doing night tours for over 10 years.

In addition, Orlando is fan of nature photography, a field in which he has been successful producing his own line of postcards.

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